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While there are many home builders in Palm Coast, many of those teams are new to the home building business. We are a team that have been building homes in the Flagler and Volusia County markets for over 40 years.

Sun Country Custom Homes & Development brings this extensive experience to each and every home we build.

Our President Jack, can often be found on the site running jobs and on the tools framing running the crane crew and hanging the trusses. So at SUN COUNTRY … we like to say, your home literally is, the house that Jack built and frankly we are very proud of that.

In this world of changing environmental conditions, and altered home use from traditional, we are tuned in, focused and our team is tailored to build a home with:

How We Stand Out

With many significant and forward-looking features in construction, efficiency and smart home technology, we dream, we design, and we build modern innovative house plans. We are what we dream.

All of our home designs focus on 3 areas:
Palm Coast Custom Kitchen

Our base smart home features a fully internet connected alarm system which has control circuits for temperature, lighting and door access and security. The system also features connectivity to the internet throughout the entire home as a full hot spot. This technology integrates seamlessly to our multiple upgrades and features available to go above and beyond the norm in the industry for a competitive price. You can modify the home in any direction that suits your needs. All features will integrate to our smart home technology and this makes us the local leader in smart home construction.

Along with our real estate broker, design team, and contracting team, Sun Country Custom Homes & Development has you covered from beginning to end.

If you’re looking for home builders in the Palm Coast, or Flagler Beach areas, please give us a call, or contact us immediately for a free consultation.

About Sun Country Custom Homes

Sometimes during the course of human events, a team comes together that has the capabilities, experience and talent to present a new and different approach to a well-known, everyday product: your home.

This Sun Country team, along with our investment and business partners, have fresh eyes and years of experience to know what the customer needs and what options the customers would like to choose from, all at competitive pricing.

Together, this team is the best of the best of the best and can and will bring you the quality and options for the best value to build our Home for a Modern World.

Our President John E. Rawlins (Jack to his friends) is the Senior Construction Manager and an Owner of Sun Country Custom Homes He is an accomplished Florida Contractor with 40 years of hands on experience in this industry. As of this writing, Jack has completed over 250 homes and well over 152 home remodels in his career. On any given day Jack can be found on the job keeping an eye on the progress of the homes under construction. Among many of his talents, Jack is an accomplished carpenter. He often can be found leading the framing crews on the job. So with Sun Country, your home literally is, the house that Jack built and we are very proud of that. Jack brings his construction knowledge, skills, and leadership to our home building team.

Joe Tavolacci - Broker
Joe Tavolacci is our Director of Marketing. He has 24 years’ experience in the Flagler Home industry. As an accomplished Real Estate Broker, Joe has extensive marketing and sales experience directly in our primary market of Flagler County Florida as well as in our projected secondary markets of Volusia and St John’s County. Joe brings to the company a well established, respected and recognized name in the home real estate market. The Tavolacci brand is well known and has a reputation for experience, skill and diligence in handling both complex and simple real estate deals. Joe brings to the team his years of experience in the needs of the home buyer and leads the vision of our new products in this changing world.

Marsha Lore, our Designer and Senior Sales Manager, has 21 years’ experience in this industry and this market. Marsha is an accomplished artist in her own right and has intimate knowledge of desired home features, colors textures and technologies for the smart home buyer. With this experience and artistic ability, Marsha brings to the team the designer vision of the Sun Country Home product. She is well positioned to observe the builder style trends and evolving desires of the buyer clientele. Marsha is also the Senior Sales Manager at Tavolacci Realty. Marsha leads the team on the look and feel of the new homes along with managing new sales.