Sun Country Custom Homes & Development Presents…

The House Of The Rising Sun – Beachside Single-Family Custom Home!

Looking to Build a Single-Family Custom Home Beachside?

We love building single-family custom homes beachside in Flagler Beach, Beverly Beach, Ormond Beach & Ormond By The Sea areas! As experts in Coastal Construction Line & DEP Permitting along the coast you’ll be sure to have your custom beachside home completed to the highest standards meeting all requirements.

Whether You’re Looking to Build Beachside or Mainland…WE’RE HERE FOR YOU!

Why Choose Sun Country Homes and Development?

While there are many home builders in Palm Coast, many of those teams are new to the home building business. We are a team that has been building homes in the Flagler and Volusia County markets for over 40 years.

Sun Country Custom Homes & Development brings this extensive experience to every home we build.

Our President Jack can often be found on the site running jobs and on the tools framing running the crane crew and hanging the trusses. So at SUN COUNTRY … we like to say, your home literally is, the house that Jack built and frankly we are very proud of that.

In this world of changing environmental conditions, and altered home use from traditional, we are tuned in, focused and our team is tailored to build a home with:

  • strength in masonry & concrete shell construction
  • energy efficiency
  • smart home technology
  • the latest in home security

How We Stand Out

With many significant and forward-looking features in construction, efficiency, and smart home technology, we dream, we design, and we build modern innovative house plans. We are what we dream.

All of our home designs focus on 3 areas:

  • Quality – Our homes are built with special construction methods to withstand even the strongest hurricanes.
  • Energy Efficiency – we have one of the best insulation systems in the industry to provide an efficient green home
  • Technology – all our models are fully wired and setup as hot spots, and most importantly, as smart homes

Our base smart home features a full internet-connected system that has control circuits for alarm, temperature, lighting and door access and security. The system also features connectivity to the internet throughout the entire home as a full hot spot. This technology integrates seamlessly to our multiple upgrades and features available to go above and beyond the norm in the industry for a competitive price. You can modify the home in any direction that suits your needs. All features will integrate into our smart home technology and, this makes us the local leader in smart home construction.

Along with our real estate broker, design team, and contracting team, Sun Country Custom Homes & Development has you covered from beginning to end.

If you’re looking for home builders in the Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Beverly Beach, Ormond Beach, or Ormond By The Sea areas, please give us a call 800-514-5135, or contact us immediately for a free consultation.