Smart Home Kitchen
Smart Home Kitchen

The Sun Country Custom Home is designed with the new world in mind. Offering you the ability to control your home effortlessly both at home and when you are out of pocket.

A central feature is the home security system providing you protection and immediate notification of any events occurring.

But what about monitoring? The real question is, what about cost? The answer lies in the new trend by home insurers.

A significant number of home insurance policies require you have and regularly demonstrate a functional home alarm and fire monitored system. This is done by the issuance of a certificate of monitoring; issued by the monitoring company. While some of these are easily obtained; they are not always accepted by the home insurer.

While a lot of new home automation companies are offering the “monitor it yourself” systems, it turns out that the home insurance industry is not buying into this method.

As an example; a recent home held by our team, which would have had the Alarm/Fire self monitored; was initially insured with a reasonable cost per year. After 14 days, it was flat out cancelled. The policy specifically stated the Alarm/ Fire system must have professional monitoring 24/7. When the same home insurance limits was then repriced without professional monitoring, the cost of the new policy was well over twice the cost of professional monitoring.

Our Sun Country – Smart Homes come with hard wired Alarm and Fire systems. Powered all the time with battery backup in place upon failure. The “do it yourself” guys can have you up and going quickly with glue, batteries and wireless communications in hours. But the day will come when the batteries in each component will start to fail or the wireless system itself will be accessed from outside the home by those with devious intentions.

Recently, we went to another builders model to view their “Self Monitored” system and observed a potential buyer slam testing a glass slider. The Glass Door sensor fell off the door frame, disabling the system, when the door was closed hard. It was a teachable moment for our team.

At Sun Country our Alarm / Fire systems are built “into” the structure of our homes; a solid, secure design.

Our standard system offers the ability to monitor your front door both by video and access. It also has remote control of environmental conditions, plus access and settings for home automation. All this in addition to Hard-Wired Automated Home Alarms and Fire Monitors.

Real Estate Pros – Earn an extra $1000!

Sun Country Family



Sun Country Custom Homes & Development is looking for teammates as we build our Homes for the Modern World.

Here is the deal:

  • This is a one time offer!
  • We are offering an additional $1,000 bonus to any pre-registered licensed sales professional who refers a cash buyer or a lender pre-qualified home buyer to us who enters into a contract to build a new home.
  • This bonus is on top of the standard commission rate. All you have to do is pre-register on our site.
  • Then when you have an qualified buyer, you submit the referral form on our website.
  • Bonus and paid upon completion work and payment of slab construction draw.
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* Bonus offer expires 12/24/2018

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Please call Marsha Lore at: 1-800-514-5135 or click here.

About Florida Basements

florida basement

Florida Basement

A basement in Florida you say? Never thought I would see that!
But what if you could have all that great space and be in Florida?
In our home for the Modern World we offer many modern features and Smart
Home technology. But one of the most thoughtful design features is our
engineered space above the garage. Our Florida Basement features a retractable
staircase thirty inches wide! With this access stair you can walk your biggest
items up the stairs safely and into the Florida Basement.
Combined with our Green Homes Foam Insulation feature with an R value of 25 or
higher in most cases, your Florida Basement will stay comfortable all year long.

We have gone the extra mile and have created a place for your stuff. While in the
attic and a use of the usually unused space in your roof trusses a Florida
basement features a structured level floor and maximum height for walking in the

Home Networking – Switch Vs. Hub



In today’s hyper connected world, the need for faster and more reliable networks becomes obvious. This is especially true when setting up your home network. With most, if not all, members of the household using one or more devices, plus adding all computers, smart devices, and game consoles, it would be wise to choose a switch over a hub.

When sending any sort of data over your network, whether it be video, photo or text message, it is broken down into small chunks called frames. Each frame contains your data, its destination address, and other related information.

Two Important Considerations

DELAYS – Hubs ignore the destination address, and broadcasts your frames to every connected device. This causes network traffic to spike. Only a handful of devices can overload a hub’s network.

SECURITY – A switch, however requires an access code to allow information to pass thru and learns and stores all addresses of each connected device.

Your secure switch then only sends frames (your data) to its destination device and does not broadcast it throughout the network as occurs with the use of a hub, which it shares its bandwidth with all its ports. For example, if you have a 10/100mbps hub the entire 10/100 is shared across every connected device. On a 10/100 switch, every port gets a full 10/100 to itself.

So, in conclusion if you want the fastest, most reliable secure network in your home, use a switch to expand your network beyond the ports normally found on your ISP’s modem/router.

Palm Coast Home Builders Website Launch

Sun Country Custom Home Builders

Sun Country Custom Homes & Development, would like to announce the launch of our new website located at Palm Coast home builders.

We specialize in building high quality, affordable SMART homes with a range of options to fulfill your every desire. From custom kitchens to large infinity pools with spas, Sun Country can effortlessly provide anything you can dream. We design our homes to be practical and family centered. Every detail is scrutinized and fretted over. We are very passionate about the homes we build, and we want you to be more than satisfied when you allow us to build your Home For The Modern World.

Eva-32-WeeksOn our site, you can preview our current model lineup, along with a blog to keep you updated on what we have going on. We are a multi-family company bringing many years of experience to the table to help your dream home come alive at an affordable price. 
If you’re looking for home builders in the Palm Coast, or Flagler Beach areas, please give us a call, or contact us immediately for a free consultation.