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florida basement

Florida Basement

A basement in Florida you say? Never thought I would see that!
But what if you could have all that great space and be in Florida?
In our home for the Modern World we offer many modern features and Smart
Home technology. But one of the most thoughtful design features is our
engineered space above the garage. Our Florida Basement features a retractable
staircase thirty inches wide! With this access stair you can walk your biggest
items up the stairs safely and into the Florida Basement.
Combined with our Green Homes Foam Insulation feature with an R value of 25 or
higher in most cases, your Florida Basement will stay comfortable all year long.

We have gone the extra mile and have created a place for your stuff. While in the
attic and a use of the usually unused space in your roof trusses a Florida
basement features a structured level floor and maximum height for walking in the