Smart Home Kitchen
Smart Home Kitchen

The Sun Country Custom Home is designed with the new world in mind. Offering you the ability to control your home effortlessly both at home and when you are out of pocket.

A central feature is the home security system providing you protection and immediate notification of any events occurring.

But what about monitoring? The real question is, what about cost? The answer lies in the new trend by home insurers.

A significant number of home insurance policies require you have and regularly demonstrate a functional home alarm and fire monitored system. This is done by the issuance of a certificate of monitoring; issued by the monitoring company. While some of these are easily obtained; they are not always accepted by the home insurer.

While a lot of new home automation companies are offering the “monitor it yourself” systems, it turns out that the home insurance industry is not buying into this method.

As an example; a recent home held by our team, which would have had the Alarm/Fire self monitored; was initially insured with a reasonable cost per year. After 14 days, it was flat out cancelled. The policy specifically stated the Alarm/ Fire system must have professional monitoring 24/7. When the same home insurance limits was then repriced without professional monitoring, the cost of the new policy was well over twice the cost of professional monitoring.

Our Sun Country – Smart Homes come with hard wired Alarm and Fire systems. Powered all the time with battery backup in place upon failure. The “do it yourself” guys can have you up and going quickly with glue, batteries and wireless communications in hours. But the day will come when the batteries in each component will start to fail or the wireless system itself will be accessed from outside the home by those with devious intentions.

Recently, we went to another builders model to view their “Self Monitored” system and observed a potential buyer slam testing a glass slider. The Glass Door sensor fell off the door frame, disabling the system, when the door was closed hard. It was a teachable moment for our team.

At Sun Country our Alarm / Fire systems are built “into” the structure of our homes; a solid, secure design.

Our standard system offers the ability to monitor your front door both by video and access. It also has remote control of environmental conditions, plus access and settings for home automation. All this in addition to Hard-Wired Automated Home Alarms and Fire Monitors.